COVID-19 – How DOMA Technologies is Handling the Situation

DOMA believes it is vital to continue innovating during the critical time. Our team will be posting regular updates, adapting our solutions as needed, and implementing new tools to better support our customers. We are prepared to work harder and work smarter to honor the trust you have placed in us now and in the future.

Develop an Electronic Records Management Strategy for NARA’s M-19-21

The Federal Government now recognizes that paper records can be a hindrance to agility and efficiency, particularly with the exponential growth of content year over year. In response, NARA has implemented the M-10-21 mandate to help the Federal Government transition to electronic record keeping.

DOMA Achieves VMware Cloud on AWS Competency.

Taking advantage of the public cloud is now easier than ever for VMware users. Thanks to a groundbreaking partnership between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware, customers can now run applications in a consistent, user-friendly hybrid cloud environment.