Is the Cloud Right for My Business?

Is the Cloud Right for My Business?

The Cloud has changed the way the world works and does business. Your organization may have dabbled with cloud technology but are you taking advantage of everything the Cloud has to offer?

DOMA Unveils New Mother’s Room for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day from DOMA

DOMA is proud to support the Mothers who work with us every day. Today is a day to thank the all mothers in our lives and meditate on the impact they have made on who we have become. Whether you are a biological mom, step-mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, surrogate mom or just a mother figure in someone’s life – we thank you!

Audits & Reporting as a Better Way to Track Documents

Audits & Reporting: A Better Way to Track Your Documents

At first it may not sound very compelling, but the ability to run consistent Audit and Reports allows your business to run more smoothly. Similarly, you can catch problems before they negatively affect your business.