Digital Transformation
Myth vs. Fact

Uncovering the Truth Behind Digital Transformation

April 26, 2022

When you hear the term Digital Transformation, it can seem vague and daunting, but it is a straightforward concept. Digital Transformation is the process of adopting technology to fundamentally change the way a business operates in a way that helps its employees and customers. The implication is that once the technology is adopted across some (or all) aspects of a business, it directly translates into increased profit margins, efficiency, and consistency.

To reap the benefits of a Digital Transformation it is important to look past these common myths:


Digital Transformation is only about changing the technology and nothing else.


Digital Transformation varies widely depending on the business that is undergoing the transformation, but generally, it deals with much more than just technology. Technology can be an important factor, but it is the business operations that are analyzed and improved. If an area of a business already works efficiently and won’t be improved by digitization, it may be skipped over in favor of a more beneficial area. A Digital Transformation isn’t there to solve problems that don’t exist, so they don’t just throw technology on current legacy solutions that are necessary. If shifting to new technology will be a detriment to the people it is supposed to benefit then it shouldn’t be done.  Every company should consult experts and weigh the long-term benefits of technology before implementing it as a solution, that’s why it is important to choose the right provider for your business when starting your Digital Transformation journey.


Digital Transformation is just a fancy way to talk about conversion


Depending on a business’s needs a Digital Transformation might be limited to document conversion, but it could also include data extraction, redaction, Electronic Content Management Systems, and cloud-managed services. A smaller business may only need some document conversion, but a larger company that needs daily access to 1000s of documents may need a larger overhaul with all the possible technology options, including multiple Cloud Solutions.


A Digital Transformation has to include every aspect of a business


Despite being used to refer to a full technological overhaul of a business, Digital Transformation can also be more granular. Digital Transformation is about understanding a business or people’s needs and improving the processes that serve those needs with technology, so transforming a small process to work towards that goal could still be a Digital Transformation. Changing one process digitally in a meaningful way that improves its efficiency is still a Digital Transformation.


Myths surrounding Digital Transformation tend to derive from the fact that it can vary from one business to the next, so it is hard to know exactly what it entails. If you would like to start your Digital Transformation journey, but don’t know how, check out our previous blog, “How to Get Started with a Digital Transformation in the Workplace.”

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