A Look at 5 Organiztions Helping LGBTQ+ People in Tech

5 Organizations That are Helping LGBTQ+ People Change the Technology Landscape

June 07, 2022

In previous blogs we have talked about organizations like Lesbians Who Tech & AlliesStartOut, Trans*H4CK, and TransTech Social Enterprises that are actively working to improve the visibility of LGBTQ+ people in the industry, enhance office diversity, and provide resources to the community. This year, in honor of pride month, DOMA will be shining the spotlight on 5 more organizations who are helping LGBTQ+ people change the landscape of the technology industry. 


Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM), Inc. started as the first organization specifically serving LGBTQ+ students in STEM and is now the largest chapter-based organization focused on LGBTQ+ people in STEM. They have over 100 student and professional chapters across the United States and overseas that provide scholarships, application assistance, mentorship programs, and career development. Each year they have a Professional Development Summit where early career professionals have access to introspective workshops, authentic mentorship, and supportive community activities that can help them develop their career goals.

oSTEM empowers LGBTQ+ people in STEM to succeed personally, academically, and professionally by cultivating environments and communities that nurture innovation, leadership, and advocacy."

Read More: oSTEM Website

oSTEM Logo
Queer Design Club Logo

Queer Design Club

The Queer Design Club is a directory of LGBTQ+ designers that includes professionals such as UX & UI Designers, Product Designers, Photographers, Web Designers, and many more. This list was inspired by other projects working to increase the representation of underrepresented communities such as Women Who Design. Queer Design Club was created with the goal to celebrate queer contributions to design and encourage connection within the community.

Queer Design Club’s mission is to promote and celebrate all the amazing work that happens at the intersection of queer identity and design world wide—from LGBTQ+ designers’ contributions to the industry to design’s role in queer activism throughout history."


NQAPIA is an organization that’s goal is to empower LGBTQ+ Asians and Pacific Islander Americans through movement capacity building, policy advocacy, and representation across all industries. Every 3 years they host the largest LGBTQ+ API conference in the United States to facilitate their organization’s mission and community growth.

NQAPIA builds the capacity of local, grassroots, and affinity-based LGBTQ+API groups; advances an intersectional justice and equity agenda for all the communities we call home; supports intergenerational family (re)building and engagement; and ensures LGBTQ+API representation everywhere, especially in research and resource development."

Read More: NQAPIA Website

Out in Tech Logo

Out in Tech

Out in Tech is the world’s largest non-profit community of LGBTQ tech leaders that aims to empower members to advance their careers, grow their networks, and leverage tech for social change. They have a mentorship program, host a plethora of events, and a corporate job board to help LGBTQ+ people find the right place in tech.

Out in Tech unites the LGBTQ+ tech community. We do this by creating opportunities for our members to advance their careers, grow their networks, and leverage tech for social change."

Read More: Out in Tech Website

Maven Youth

Maven Youth is a non-profit helping to build LGBTQ+ youth into tech leaders to create social change. They work with LGBT+ youth ages 14-24 across the country with a combination of summer camps, a youth leadership council, apprenticeships, leadership retreats, hackathons, and consciousness-raising talks.

We provide a rare safe space for LGBT+ youth across the country to explore careers and entrepreneurship while navigating the impact technology has had on social equality and emotional wellness."

Read More: Maven Youth Website

Maven Youth Logo

Setting the Stage for the Future

This article is by no means comprehensive in showcasing of LGBTQ+ organizations impacting the technology industry. However, we hope it will spark an interest in learning more about the impact of the LGBTQ+ community on technology. Encouraging minorities and women to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers or build their own businesses invigorates those industries with a fresh perspective. Diversity within the tech space is growing, and we at DOMA believe that meaningful change begins from within. It is our goal to build an inclusive, collaborative environment that values everyone’s unique contributions. We are committed to helping people find their place in the technology sector. 

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