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DOMA Technologies (DOMA) was founded by Pat Feliciano in Virginia Beach, VA in 2000, as a cloud-based document management company. Feliciano realized the need for a holistic approach to document management and felt that emerging cloud technology could be the answer and started DOMA Technologies.

Today DOMA has evolved to serve a diverse range of federal and commercial customers with customized information management solutions. DOMA’s approach addresses every part of the information management lifecycle from document conversion and data extraction to analytics and automated workflows. Ultimately, DOMA’s solutions are designed to drive your organization forward by optimizing the way you gather, analyze, and deploy information.

& Services

We provide simple solutions to leverage data.

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Digital transformation often begins with simple steps like digitizing paper. We can help you with every step of modernization from scanning to digital mailroom solutions.

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In addition to Cloud migration and strategy, DOMA delivers cloud managed services that can help you improve your workflow and secure your data and documents.

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Machine learning and automation are quickly becoming business necessities. Our team can help you deploy a wide range of artificial intelligence tools.

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In addition to DOMA's DX electronic content management platform, DOMA has an in-house development team ready to help you launch your own projects.

President and CEO Pat Feliciano

Founder & CEO

Our Philosophy

Driven by People, Powered by Tech

Corporate Beliefs

Investing in our people, company, and technology to provide our clients with a unique DOMA experience with unparalleled results. Our core focus is changing people’s lives with technology. We do this by providing simple solutions that help your team better leverage data. Through workflow automation, artificial intelligence, and intuitive cloud tools we believe your organization can be more effective, efficient, and competitive. 

Community Initiatives

DOMA is committed to giving back through our DOMA Gives program. We believe building a generous spirit begins with investing in our people. When we take care of each other as a team we are better equipped to give to the community at large. Through fundraising, donation, and volunteer initiatives we make giving back a priority at DOMA. 


1. Add Value Every Day

Every day is an opportunity. AtDOMA we seize the day with the goal of doing something meaningful and impactful to drive our team forward.

2. Evolve & Adapt

Success often necessitates flexibility. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve processes and grow. 

3. Whatever it Takes

We are committed to delivering our solutions on time and on spec to our customers. We always go the extra mile to ensure our team has what it  needs to succeed. 

4. Servant's Heart

Having the heart of a servant means putting the needs of other’s ahead of your own. If we commit to serving one another with compassion we create an environment where everyone can thrive and know they are valued. 

5. We Win as a Team

At DOMA we believe a good team is more than just the sum of its parts. We know that everyone has gifts and a role to play in our success, so we work and win as a team. 

6. Celebrate

Fun is integral to a healthy, happy life and so we take the time to celebrate both personal and professional victories. 

Talented Team

Do these values resonate with you? The team at DOMA is our biggest asset. This means that culture plays an important role in creating an environment where everyone is welcome, valued, and challenged. We strive to continuously improve the organization as a whole and pass value along to our clients.



This two story facility is DOMA's main headquarters. Ultra modern and open, this flexible space is where most of our PMR program employees work.



DOMA's London Bridge facility is affectionally known as LBD (London Bridge DOMA). This facility currently houses our production team, but with over 70k square feet there is plenty of room for us to expand as we grow.
A hand and heart with DOMA Gives

Supporting the Community

At DOMA, we are passionate about people & technology

We strongly believe that serving our local community is the right thing to do. We build respect and trust among ourselves, embrace diversity, and take time to give back to the community. Through giving of our time and financial resources we have partnered with the following amazing organizations:

  • Roc Solid Foundation
  • CHKD
  • Samaritan House
  • First Tee
  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • Veteran Miracle Center
  • Wave College
  • Jezreel International
  • The Food Bank
  • Troopster
  • Roc Solid Foundation
  • CHKD
  • Samaritan House
  • First Tee
  • The Boys and Girls Club
  • Veteran Miracle Center
  • Wave College
  • Jezreel International
  • The Food Bank
  • Troopster


DOMA in the Press

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Case Studies

Read and download our case studies for a variety of different industries. 

Industry Experts

Learn more about our industry experts and the unique markets they serve. 


Want to join our team? Find out more about our career opportunities and values.

Learn More about DOMA


DOMA’s services make business better and data simple. Our goal is to serve your organization by developing holistic digital solutions that empower people with technology.
We encourage you to find out more about the DOMA Experience and how we can make a difference in your organization.

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