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November 2020


Digital Updates from DOMA Leaderhsip

In light of everything that is happening with the current global pandemic, DOMA has moved Town Hall to a digital format until further notice. We are working hard to ensure you have the resources and support you need. Enjoy a short video update from our team.

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We understand that many things are uncertain at the moment. As a result, all on-site culture activities are postponed until further notice. Plans for rolling over to new committee members in April are also on pause. However, if you are interested in joining a committee or would like to learn more image links below. We are still interested in hearing from the team!

A trophies with DOMA Driven

Powered By Passion

DOMA Driven’s tenents are encouraging employee recognition, amplifying company pride, and fostering Personal Growth. This committee’s members are champions of the DOMA brand who encourage and inspire personal growth in others.

A hand and heart with DOMA Gives

Growing & Giving

DOMA Gives focuses on encouraging and sharing the spirit of kindness. DOMA Gives embodies DOMA’s mission to inspire positive change in the world around us by supporting charitable initiatives both locally and globally and understanding that change starts within.

Video Game Controller with DOMA Ignite

Work Hard, Play Hard

It's important to take time to recharge and have fun. DOMA Ignite focuses on creating fun initiatives around the office, team building, and event planning. This includes our gaming stations, sports leagues, food trucks, and surprise competitions. If it's fun - it's thanks to Ignite.

Submit an honest review at any of the following pages, then fill out the I’ve Left Feedback form and be entered to win a premium piece of DOMA gear:

Glassdoor | Indeed | Facebook | Google

We understand that it’s not feasible for many families to donate at this time but with the current crisis the Foodbank’s needs are greater than ever – so the parking space raffle has been extended. If your family needs help finding food visit the Foodbank link above. 

Participate in a virtual spirit week or see what your remote coworkers have been up to at the link above!


DOMA has transitioned over 50% of its workforce to remote work; however we remain fully operational. We have a contingency plan ready should the rest of of the team need to telecommute. Our federal and healthcare information management programs (such as PMR) are essential programs and will continue without interruption.




Check out these online resources to stay up to date on what is happening with COVID-19. These resources give you the latest updates on cases and advice on how to help avoid the spread of coronavirus:


HR has provided a variety of resources regarding COVID-19. We have gathered them here for you below.  

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