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See DOMA's Solutions in Action

Choose an industry below to see case studies about how DOMA has improved our customers' workflow with digital transformation.

Federal Government Case Studies

Private Medical Records (PMR)

DOMA has been making an impact in veteran’s lives through the PMR program for 9 years. Our commitment to excellence has made a difference in the lives of over one million veterans.

Program Overview

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) implemented the Private Medical Records (PMR) Retrieval Program to improve timelines for the receipt of medical records in support of Veterans, or Dependents of Veterans’ claims for disability benefits.

DOMA Solutions

PMR Case Study

Learn about DOMA's Role in the PMR Program

State, Local, and Education (SLED) Case Studies

Newport News Case Study

Learn about DOMA's Role with
Newport News Public Schools

Newport News Public Schools

Newport News Public Schools needed a cohesive plan for converting a large volume of paper records into digital format.

DOMA deployed a unified strategy across 5 departments for consistent backfile scanning. The newly converted records were made accessible in the Cloud through the DOMA DX Software platform.

DOMA helped us to implement a DDM Strategy to increase our productivity and reduce cost by digitizing our documents "

James Blizzard | Human Resources

DOMA Solutions

City of Portsmouth

The historic City of Portsmouth was facing a monumental challenge navigating a massive archive of paper documents.

DOMA implemented a document digitization process for the large backfile conversion.

We were previously all paper, but DOMA converted all our active and terminated records to electronic format. They have streamlined our daily workflow by providing our data and documents in real-time through their content services platform "

HR Manager | City of Portsmouth

DOMA Solutions

City of Portsmouth Case Study

Learn more about DOMA's role with the
City of Portsmouth

City of Port St. Lucie Case Study

Learn about DOMA's Role with
the City of Port St. Lucie

City of Port St. Lucie

The city of Port St. Lucie anticipates savings of over 42% on hosting costs by migrating to the Cloud with DOMA.

DOMA migrated a PSL SQL-based application to
Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS). RDS provides
cost-efficient and resizable capacity while automating
time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware
provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups.

DOMA Solutions

Healthcare Case Studies

CHKD Case Study

Learn more about DOMA's role with the
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD)

CHKD was faced with a large volume of backfile paper medical records. This resulted in an inefficient Release of Information (ROI) operation.

DOMA was able to help CHKD transition away from microfilm to a cloud-based solution that allows CHKD employees instant, secure access to internal documents and patient records.

CHKD has had a great partnership with DOMA for the last 10+ years. The use of DOMA Software and scanning services has eased the shift for our staff as we transitioned from legacy microfilm, to document management"

Mattie Cousins | HIM Manager

DOMA Solutions

Commercial Case Studies

Newport News Shipbuilding

Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) is the nation’s only designer, builder, and re-fueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Additionally, NNS is one of only two facilities that designs and builds nuclear submarines. As a fleet services provider for naval ships for the United States Navy, NNS is the largest industrial employer in Virginia with over 20,000 personnel.

DOMA has helped to quickly transition NNS to a more sustainable document management strategy. When faced with a crisis, time counts, and DOMA’s tried and tested solutions allowed for a smooth conversion process that helped NNS continue to run smoothly even when faced with nationwide shutdowns. NNS’s new cloud-based DX portal allows enterprise-wide collaboration from anywhere.

DOMA Solutions

Newport News Shipbuilding Case Study

Learn more about DOMA's role with
Newport News Shipbuilding

KFORCE Case Study

Learn more about DOMA's role with


KFORCE had over 3,000 personnel files with no software solution in place to access records in digital format.

DOMA’s secure document scanning process helped KForce to immediately convert their records into an accessible, indexed format. DOMA’s DX Software was uniquely configured to meet KForce’s needs; this included the delivery of automated workflow tasks designed to expedite the movement of personnel profiles to authorized HR staff for action.

The technology has allowed us to consolidate and get rid of paper equaling 3 stories high. The space previously allocated for storage is now being utilized by over 30 employees as new office space. "

Project Manager | KFORCE

DOMA Solutions

Haynes Furniture

Haynes Furniture operated in a very heavy paper-based environment across their entire organization.

The DOMA DX Portal allowed for instant access, increased collaboration, and improved security for Haynes’ records. Haynes employees’ ability to quickly make decisions and respond to customer requests has significantly been enhanced by the implementation of the DOMA DX solution(powered by AWS).

DOMA’S Cloud Software has revolutionized how we access our documents. The simplicity and effectiveness of this enterprise content management system led Haynes to scale it across a large sector of our organization. "

IT Director | Haynes

DOMA Solutions

Haynes Case Study

Learn more about DOMA's role with

Tidewater Finance Case Study

Learn more about DOMA's role with
Tidewater Finance

Tidewater Finance Company

Tidewater Finance Company had data and documents in 7+ different repositories with no ability to do a federated search.

Today 6 departments within Tidewater Finance utilize DOMA’s technology. Tidewater Finance is now able to search across all customer content, in a matter of seconds.

Tidewater Finances’s ability to find information has been significantly improved by leveraging the DOMA DX Cloud Solution and Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

DOMA Solutions

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