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Solutions Made Easy Through DOMA's
Virginia Cooperative Purchase Clause

Purchasing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology (IT), and Software services often incorporate a complex bidding process. With a state cooperative contract, your organization can leverage services with confidence knowing you will be getting the best service at a competitive rate.

DOMA holds a cooperative clause through our work with Newport News Public schools (NNPS), meaning public entities in Virginia can obtain DOMA's scanning, digital conversion, and software services in the same way they would any independent DPS or VITA state contract. This translates to considerable savings of both time and money for your school or state agency. 


State Cooperative Contract

Purchasing our services is extremely easy since DOMA holds a State Cooperative Contract Clause through our work with Newport News Public Schools. To read more about what we have done for NNPS download the case study above or click below to read more about Cooperative Contracts.

  • Cooperative Contract  RFP (029-0-2014/BH)


Digital Services

Our digital services can free up valuable physical space in your building and help you get compliant with document/data standards in your state. If you are an agency that needs to transfer permanent records to NARA we can easily add appropriate metadata and help you get aligned with the government’s M-19-21 memorandum as well. 

  • Scanning and Document Conversion
  • Information Governance & Compliance
  • Digitizing Permanent Records when Moving
  • Collaboration and Managing Information Access

DX Software

We deliver many of our solutions through our innovative DOMA Experience (DX) software platform. Our software in non-licensed based and can be easily scaled across your institution to promote collaboration with your information through the AWS Cloud. 

  • Anything DOMA Scans will be Immediately Accessible through the DX Portal as a Searchable Digital Document.
  • Import New Content Moving Forward via the Outlook Plugin, Secure FTP, Fax, a desktop imaging app, or the online portal.
  • Highly Configurable & Customizable to Meet Your Needs
  • Easily Manage Users and their Access to Private Records

Frequently asked questions

Cooperative contracts — also known as cooperative procurements or cooperative agreements — are agreements between the government and businesses, created in order to lower the costs of procuring goods or services that multiple entities commonly need. Cooperative contracts were designed to circumvent the complex bidding process often required before services can be purchased.

Cooperative Contracts exist for many products such as gasoline/fuel, cleaning supplies, and paper, but with the growing need for technology services, you will find many consulting, IT, BPO, and software services available as well. 

Through the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA) Virginia, public entities can purchase services or goods through approved VITA (Virginia Information Technologies Agency) and DPS (Division of Purchases) contract vehicles. Additionally, they can procure services through an existing contract held by other state entities. 

Leveraging cooperative contracts increases efficiency, reduces administrative expenses, and simplifies the process of deploying IT services.  

Cooperative contracts ultimately result in lower prices. One contract and one procurement process serve multiple entities. Because the preliminary work has been completed for more than one agency, administrative costs are lower. Your organization doesn’t need to go through a lengthy process of seeking bids, proposals, and quotes. You can work directly with a trusted company like DOMA to get fast results. 

According to the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA): 

A public body may purchase from another public body’s contract even if it did not participate in the request for proposal or invitation to bid if the request for proposal or invitation to bid specified that the procurement was being conducted on behalf of other public bodies”

This means that any public body in the State of Virginia can leverage DOMA’s Cooperative Contract Clause. This includes:

  • Municipal Governments:  County, City or Town
  • Authorities
  • State Agencies
  • Institutions of Higher Education
  • K-12 Schools and Districts

Check out our GSA Schedules

DOMA services a wide range of customers beyond Virginia. Even if you cannot make use of our cooperative contract we offer straightforward quoting and competitive pricing to all of our customers. Our proven performance working with SLED customers in Virginia directly translates into how we service state/local government and education customers in other states.

We have experience working with the Federal Government as well so you can be confident we are compliant and secure at the highest level. 

Even when you purchase through our cooperative clause all of our solutions are customized to fit your needs. Whether you simply need to free up a few file cabinets with document scanning or would like to deploy a streamlined information workflow across multiple departments within your organization – DOMA can help. 

Reach out today and we will be happy to guide you through the process:

SLED Solutions: 757.302.7566


DOMA offers a variety of technology solutions designed to help make information management easy. 

  • Digital Services including Scanning & Records Conversion from Start to Finish
  • Cloud Services including Migration, Strategy, and Managed Services
  • Healthcare Information Services designed to help with medical records review and claims development/processing  
  • The DOMA Experience (DX) Software Platform is our powerful cloud-based Intelligent Content Services Platform that is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It offers organizations a data-centric application to securely capture, manage, and store content across the enterprise and offers collaborative tools.

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