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adrian marchi

Leadership & Culture

DOMA leads the way in both technology solutions and in building a culture focused on personal growth.

I'm Adrian Marchi, DOMA's Chief Operating Officer, and equipping people is my passion. It's my goal to help each individual find a place at DOMA where they can grow.

Building Up Leaders

Everyone can apply the principles of leadership to their life. Learning to lead others starts with learning you lead yourself. Explore some recommended resources for leadership below.

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Leadership & Integrity

Check out this leadership training by our COO, Adrian Marchi, and learn more about the connection between Integrity and Leadership.

DOMA's Core Values

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You don't make it in the tech space for over 20 years unless you continue to innovate. DOMA puts innovation at the forefront of all we do. We are consistently adapting and fine-tuning our solutions.

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DOMA fosters a community of honesty and high standards. We deliver on our promises and aim to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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DOMA believes in both building a supportive internal community and giving back to the local and global community.

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Our team never forgets to have fun! Having fun as a team makes working together that much better. Fun makes hard work sustainable, so we make it a priority at DOMA.

DOMA’s Core Values

Company culture is built from a shared set of values. DOMA has identified four core values that we believe exemplify us as a company – innovation, integrity, community, and fun. DOMA strives to infuse its four core values in both how we deliver our solutions and how we nurture our company culture. 

Success Depends on People

People are DOMA’s key to success. Finding and developing the right team makes all the difference in enforcing our core values and delivering amazing technology solutions. Building up leaders begins with creating a culture of growth. People need opportunities to exercise leadership and develop within and beyond their current roles. DOMA is working towards expanding these opportunities and building more growth tracks for our employees. We continue to prioritize training our team and promoting from within. 

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