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Static Data Dynamic Data

Experience the Power of Dynamic Data

Improve Access, Save Space, & Reduce Overhead

Records conversion is the first step in improving document discoverability. Our technology converts static information into searchable documents, auto-generates electronic forms, extracts or applies meta-data, and intuitively organizes your documents by type. 

Our 70,000 sq/ft facility is equipped to convert virtually any type of record including paper records of nearly any size or condition including standard bond paper records to bound, fragile historical records, and large-format engineering drawings or blueprints. Transparency digitization, such as microfilm/fiche, aperture cards, film, and slides is also offered. Inquire today for straightforward per-box pricing. 

"We were previously all paper, but DOMA converted all our active and terminated records to electronic format. They have streamlined our daily workflow by providing our data and documents in real-time through their content service platform."


Other Data Management Solutions



Through the implementation of advanced machine learning DOMA's solutions can instantly “read” virtually any type of document to accurately extract text and data without the need for any manual effort or custom code.



DOMA believes that a successful transformation strategy addresses processes, technology, culture, and leadership. Effective digital transformation initiatives deliver better value to your customers while improving the efficiency of your business model.



Share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight Excel integration, and pre-built and custom data connectors. Additionally, our tools scale to meet the needs of your business.


Unstructured Data Structured Data

Easily Capture Unstructured Data

Use Accurate Data to Drive Profitable Outcomes

Data extraction is the process of lifting unstructured data from your documents so that you can effectively integrate, analyze, and apply it. 

What makes DOMA different is that we offer more than a single targeted tool. We integrate multiple types of data extraction tools to create holistic solutions that can address larger challenges within your business. When combined with our business process outsourcing offerings like records outreach or claims development, the result is high impact with minimal disruption.


Take Advantage of the Latest Digital Technologies

Reduce Operational Costs and Improve Collaboration

Digital Transformation initiatives have the power to completely change the way your team does business. Taking full advantage of digital technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, data extraction, API integration and more can help you deliver better value to your customers. 

DOMA specializes in data management and delivers a wide range of cloud-based tools that can help you better collaborate with information. We offer more than a la carte services – we deliver customized solutions that make business simple.

Before Transformed


Big Data Visualized Data

Get Deeper Insight With Cutting Edge Data Analytics & Visualizations

Make More Strategic Business Decisions

Allow your valuable business data to guide your decision making. Find the stories hidden in your raw data with stunning data visualizations and built in artificial intelligence tools. Our business intelligence solutions integrate with the platforms you are already using to deliver visualized analytics that can be securely shared or integrated into your own applications and portals. 

How do I Learn More?

Learning more starts by reaching out to a DOMA expert. We have over 20 years of experience delivering cloud-based data and document management solutions that are designed to streamline your operations.

We offer highly secure solutions to customers in every industry including the Federal Government, State and Local Government & Education (SLED), Healthcare, and Commercial Business

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You will also receive a Digital Solutions Brief, our Digital Transformation Assessment, and a supporting Case Study.



Work smarter and automate your processes with DOMA’s DX Software. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) our platform makes it easy to create, collaborate, share, automate, and transform the way you manage your data.

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