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Take Advantage of a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Transition from a private cloud infrastructure to a more powerful public cloud. Use VMware's suite of enterprise-grade technologies to help with app development, testing, disaster recovery, and more.

Elastically scale AWS resources without losing consistency. This service-oriented IT model scales to meet any demand without the heavy lift normally required to deliver services within the Cloud. DOMA can help you take advantage of this service so that your team can bridge the gap between private and public clouds.


Barriers to Reaching the Public Cloud

Many Companies are eager to take advantage of the public cloud’s superior computing power, security, and flexibility. However, migrating entirely from a private cloud to a public cloud like AWS come with many challenges. 

The primary challenge is the need to learn an entirely new operational model. The difference between private and public cloud infrastructures can be significant. As a result, your business may have to re-architect your existing applications, learn processes, and invest in additional hardware, ultimately leading to increased costs, risks, and delays. 

VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud that extends on-premises vSphere environments to a VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) running on Amazon EC2. With the VMware Cloud your team can continue operating within the more familiar tools and processes of your existing VMware environment. 

VMC on AWS Use Cases

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Seamlessly migrate without a complex learning curve. VMC on AWS minimizes both the risk and cost of migrations allowing you to consolidate data centers and applications quickly.

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Improve your agility by expanding your on-demand capacity both geographically and virtually. "Pay as you grow" allows you to respond to seasonal shifts in demand.


Quickly setup disaster recovery to compliment your existing protections. Additionally, the VMware hybrid cloud can replace costly, secondary disaster recovery sites.

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Modernize your applications with all of the advanced tools offered by AWS. Build dynamic hybrid applications that seamlessly connect your data center with the Cloud.

Advantages of a Hybrid Approach

The Best of Both Worlds

The VMWare hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds. Innovate more quickly and respond to the changing needs of your customers with the extensive capabilities of VMware SDDC while experiencing the breadth and depth of AWS. 

  • VMware SDDC delivered as a cloud service on AWS
  • Run familiar VMware compute, storage and network virtualization products natively on AWS
  • Easy bi-directional workload portability; implement a hybrid cloud that maintains operational consistency
  • Build solutions that integrate with AWS services
  • Existing and new applications with Containers and VMs
VMware Cloud Infographic

VMware Cloud (VMC) AWS Solution Competency

Solutions that Drive Success

DOMA Technologies has achieved the VMC Cloud on AWS Solution Competency. This allows DOMA customers to leverage their existing VMware SDDC via the AWS cloud.

Having completed the full suite of certification requirements, DOMA joins a select group offering VMC on AWS. Our approach focuses on choosing the best tools to move you forward and we can interconnect and optimize a variety of services and tools to help you find the best solution for your business.

VMware & AWS

Get a Custom Solution


DOMA Technologies was founded 20 years ago as a “cloud-first” technology firm and is an AWS Select Consulting and Public Sector Partner. DOMA has designed and deployed hundreds of customer application sites residing on AWS (including GovCloud) and has deep expertise with AWS and third-party services.

For more information about DOMA Technologies Cloud Services please contact:

Archie Horton | Director of Cloud Services

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