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Collaboration Anywhere, Anytime​

Our cloud-native platform offers organizations a data-centric application to securely capture, manage, and store content across the enterprise, and offers collaborative tools.​

Workflow Automation and Integration​

DX Engage allows users to seamlessly apply automation to their daily workflow. Additionally, DOMA's software integrates with other business-critical applications through REST API, sFTP, or standard file exports.

DX Engage is Secure and Compliant

Our platform provides recognized, industry-leading security with Amazon Web Services (AWS), file encryption, and a highly compliant suite of security features.

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A Simple Platform with Powerful Results

In technical terms, the DX Engage Software is a powerful cloud-based Intelligent Content Services Platform (CSP) that is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. From initial ingestion of physical and digital source material to back-end analytics and reporting. More simply, DX Engage is the document management platform that does it all. Upload, manage, and collaborate with your documents and data using a suite of powerful, intuitive tools.

Transaction Based Pricing Model

DOMA’s cost effective software pricing model is based on the number of transactions processed rather than a traditional per-seat licensing model. This allows organizations to scale implementation across multiple departments with ease. 

Digitize your Workflow with our DX Engage Cloud Software

Securely organize and automate your data and documents across your entire business.

Forms Made Simple

DX Engage offers a great solution for creating and managing form data. Additionally, our mobile forms option seamlessly integrates for gathering data when you're away from your desk.

Easy Automation

Minimize or eliminate tedious document management tasks like forms processing, quality control, and data redaction with straightforward workflow automation.

Organize & Extract

Auto classification and Optical Character Recognition extract data from structured and unstructured documents so you get the most out of your static content.

Work Together Better

Managed access, versioning, and collaborative editing tools mean your team can work together intuitively in DOMA's secure, centralized cloud platform.

Digitize your Workflow with our DX Cloud Software

Securely organize and automate your data and documents across your entire business:


We understand the importance of keeping your information safe and protecting the private data of your customers. That’s why our software solutions are designed to comply with top industry regulations.


Powered by AWS Machine Learning Tools

DX Engage is a highly configurable platform that offers an ever-expanding suite of features to help you better manage your documents and data. With an added layer of Amazon Web Services (AWS) artificial intelligence our platform can meet your unique industry needs. Here are a few of our powerful features:

  • Document Merge and In-App Editing Tools
  • API Integration to Your Other Applications
  • Automated Redaction, Extraction, and Classification
  • Managed User Access and Configurable Security
  • OCR Powered Advanced Search


With the DX Mobile Forms App

DOMA’s DX Forms enables your team to fill out and submit field data anytime anywhere – even offline. Reduce your dependence on paper while improving the accuracy, security, and functionality of your forms. Get immediate insight into your form data with searchable, organized digital forms that upload directly to your DOMA DX site. ​​

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Work smarter and automate your processes with DOMA’s DX Software. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) our platform makes it easy to create, collaborate, share, automate, and transform the way you manage your data.

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