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President and CEO Pat Feliciano

Develop a Corporate Vision

Having a cohesive, company-wide vision is key in working together towards a brighter future.

I'm Pat Feliciano, and I have a Vision for 2021 and beyond for DOMA Technologies. I believe this vision is key to better serving our customers and growing as a company. I'm excited to share my vision with you.


" In the early years of running my business, I felt like I was chasing numbers. As both the company and my understanding grew, I realized that giving my team a clear picture of where we are heading was the key to driving a unified all-in effort. Not everyone sees the big picture the way you do - you have to share it with your team in a way that paints a clear picture. "

The Basics of Building a Vision

Imagine the Future

Begin with a brainstorming session. Close your eyes and imagine what your company will look like in 5 years, in ten years. Write everything down, even if it seems impossible. 

Refine the Vision

Take a deeper look at your vision and being to bring in the major players at your company. See what departments have roles to play and begin to clarify and unify your vision.

Create Action Items

Now it’s time to build a roadmap. Every member of your team will have a part to play, and achieving your goals will require a step by step roadmap. Build in smaller goals along the way to keep your team motivated. 

Share the Vision

To achieve your vision, you’ll need everyone company-wide to believe in it. Share your vision by painting a picture of what could be achieved. Imbue your vision with passion and give defined goals where possible. 

Making Strides Towards the Vision

DOMA's vision plan includes eight vision values for our company. See how we are working to align our processes and solutions with a few of those goals below.

Vision Value #8 |


One of DOMA’s vision values is leveraging technology wherever possible. This means increasing automation and re-working our solutions and capabilities to use the latest tech. Over the past two years, DOMA has been hard at work expanding our offerings to include a new Digital Mailroom solution, an updated software platform, and our first-ever app – DOMA DX Mobile forms.

Vision Value #3 |


DOMA believes in equipping our team with everything necessary to grow. To align with vision value #3, DOMA has instituted clear growth tracks for a variety of positions.  We started implementing new training programs for our departments. This has included simple changes like paying for online learning platforms so that our design team can expand their skillset or adding entirely new positions to the team. 

Vision Value #7 |


At DOMA, we aim to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. This requires us to track and assess the tangible metrics that surround our solutions. If you’d like to give us feedback on how our solutions are working for you, visit:

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